Preparing Your Breckenridge-Frisco Home For a Showing

Preparing Your Breckenridge-Frisco Home For a Showing

There are many steps involved when going to the process of selling your Breckenridge-Frisco area home! You have found the right realtor for you, the perfect pricing strategy for your home, and you’ve cleaned and prepared your home. Now your Realtor has placed your home on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and you are eagerly awaiting buyers. This is the exciting time where you are preparing for your first showing of your home! But what do you need to do when preparing your Breckenridge-Frisco home for a showing? I am here to provide my clients with up to date information to make selling your home go as smoothly as possible.

Curb Appeal Of Your Home

preparing your Breckenridge-Frisco home for a showing

I always tell my clients that your home’s first impression is the lasting one! You want to give the best first impression when the potential buyers first pull in your driveway! The saying “You’ll never have a second chance to create a good first impression” is very true when it comes to a prospective buyer looking at your home. Depending on the time of year the yard should be mowed, leaves raked, or driveway shoveled. If you have any pets, make sure your yard is clean of any pet waste as well. Also, having a clean welcome mat at the front door is a nice touch.

Consider replacing door knobs to updated ones if your current hardware is looking a little dated, and making sure the trim around the door is well kept.  Even a fresh coat of paint can do a lot for the front entrance of your home. These don’t have to be extensive or expensive projects. But all of these small touches can really give potential buyers a great first impression of your home.

What To Do With Personal Items For A Showing

When preparing your Breckenridge-Frisco home for a showing, you might not be thinking about your personal items. Do you have family pictures or family paintings up in your home? I’m willing to bet that the answer is YES. You have made this home yours and added your personal touches to this home. When you are preparing for a showing you should remove these items.

I know you may wonder why you would take these personal items down because you are proud of the way you have made this house your home. But it is best to help the buyers visualize themselves in this home. Highly personal items or family photos can get in the way of potential buyers seeing the space as their own and getting a vision of how they would want to decorate it. This means your home should appear fairly neutral so that anyone feels like they could put their stamp on it. If you are unsure how to go about preparing your home this way, you can always choose to hire someone to stage your home. 

Cleaning Your House For A Showing

You should plan to do a deep cleaning of your home before buyers view it. It is best to hire a cleaning service to come in after all your personal “stuff” has been removed. Then your house can be properly cleaned from top to bottom. This includes throwing out all the junk in the garage, and sheds. If you have cleaning fluids, broken garden hoses, bike parts, old paint cans–get rid of them. I guarantee that the new buyer is not interested in seeing this. Having your house clean and clutter-free shows your potential buyers the true space of your home and that way they can envision living in this space.

Keeping Your Home Ready For a Showing

preparing your Breckenridge-Frisco home for a showing

If you are still currently living in the house that you are showing you, will not want to be present during the time of the showing. You will want to step out and let the buyers take all the time they need to look around at your home. With you being there they will feel uncomfortable looking around. If you have pets, make sure to take them with you when you leave or arrange for them to be somewhere else on days you know you will have potential buyers in your home.

But it can be hard to keep your home ‘show ready’ when you are still living there. Especially with children or pets around, so you might need to clean up after them more than you usually do. After your home has been cleaned and decluttered, try to keep it that way as much as possible. You never know when a potential buyer might request to see your home, so you want to be ready for them at any moment! If you are not still living in the home, you won’t be worrying too much about any clutter or mess inside the house. But make sure to keep up the maintenance on the outside of the home so it maintains its curb appeal. You never know when your perfect buyer might be driving by!

How Can I Help?

I hope this blog on how to prepare for a showing when selling your home in the Breckenridge-Frisco area has been informative to you in your home selling process. Please feel free to reach out to me with any further questions! . As we start this new year, I want my clients to know I am here for them. I strive to provide my clients with relevant and up-to-date information. I am using safety guidelines and following social distancing practices to keep my clients safe and healthy. If you would like to know more about how I can help you with your real estate needs please reach out!  

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Scott Lerner
Managing Broker
Coldwell Banker Mountain Properties